Being married for several years now, and still very much in love with my husband, was one of the reasons why I’ve chosen to become a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

“One of the secret love ingredients I found came from our own wedding ceremony and the meaningful vows that we both committed to each other. This fond memory seems to have a way of kicking in during times when things aren’t going so well, and remind us about the love and commitment that we have made for each other! And whatever it was that caused the unhappy feelings between the two of us just suddenly became so trivial and dissolved away against the realisation that nothing in this world can beat love”

What sets me apart from all the other marriage celebrants out there you may ask? I truly care about both of you and the commitment that you are about to make to each other, and I strive to achieve the same outcome that you desire as much as you do for your big day. I believe that a true wedding ceremony can be modern, fun and lively while maintaining the traditional solemn and binding nature. As an experienced Master of Ceremonies, it is a second nature and easy for me to engage the crowd and make everyone happy. If some years later after your big day when you relive your wonderful ceremony again, I sincerely hope one of the first things that you remember would be how I made you and your guests feel on that special day!