A beautiful and touching weddings vows

A beautiful and touching weddings vows

May 22, 2019

 The Australian Marriage Act 1961 requires all marrying couples to exchange legal vows as a bare minimum for their marriage registration. Therefore, I often encourage my couples to include their personalised vows in their ceremony in order to make their day more memorable.

So far I have heard many many touching vows, with one in particular which struck me as  especially unforgettable. I was impressed by the efforts which the bride and groom had put into them. Their vows told a lovely story about how love changed them, how they feel for each other, and the promises they would like to make going forward.

 Here I’m going to share the poem, aka the vow, that the bride had written for her soulmate on their faithful day. The title of this poem is called “I Do”


 I Do
Before I met you,
I was in a very bad place,
I thought I’d already experienced love,
I just wanted my own space.
I look back now,
And I realised,
This was when I was most lost.
I’d forgotten what family was,
I’d forgotten who my friends were,
I’d often think to myself,
“What has my past actions cost?”
And then I met you,
On a cold winter’s day,
By destiny you may think,
But coincident I’d say.
You’ve opened my eyes,
As our relationship ascends,
You’ve shown me what a man should be,
This was the beginning of an end.
You have so much love for your family,
Which I admire,
You always put others first,
You don’t even realise how much you inspire.
You’ve challenged me so much,
Especially when our bickers worsen,
You’ve made me stride,
To be a better person.
I thank my past for giving,
Me sadness,
Now that I’m with you,
I now know happiness.
So what is love?
Love is your mother,
Preaching that if you’re
Willing to do something,
To do it with all your heart.
Love is my father,
Giving us a life he never had,
Never asking for any help,
In doing his part.
You see, love isn’t about
How much we do,
Love is about how much
We put into what we do.
And you know how much I hate promises,
But I promise you this,
All of the following, sealed with a kiss
I promise to stand by you,
Through the ups and downs,
The uncontrollable laughters,
And the miserable frowns.
I promise to accept who you are,
Even when you fuel my fire,
I promise to dream with you,
And when those dreams come true,
We will aim even higher.
I promise to have an open mind,
And be open and honest,
To obsess over muse with you,
And pretend that they’re my biggest interest.
I promise to be adventurous,
And find spontaneous things to do,
I promise to be grateful for the little things,
And cherish you!
I promise to adapt to change,
And challenge you as you have challenged me,
I promise to learn and grow with you,
Take life as it comes, I know it’s not easy
So my love, from this day forward,
We’re in this together,
Don’t ever give up on me,
I need you forever.
And if you ever wondered what I valued,
The answer is you,
And if you ever wondered if I love you, today, forever and always,
The answer is “I Do”.
Credit: Fiona Lee


This bride & groom left me their hardcopy vows as a gift for my service. I was so touched by their vows that I have decided to share the bride’s vow here with her permission.. Don’t get me wrong, the groom wrote an equally beautiful vow as well. However, it would be too easy to identify them if I put up both of their vows here!!!

I vow to treasure both of their gifts to me. It reminds me of how privilege I am to be trusted so much by marrying couples to share something so special in their life chapter.

These hardcopy vows are currently sitting, and will forever remain, in my treasure box, and will company me till the end of my life.

Photo Credit: Dennis Tan @dennistancreative



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