What do Past Couples say about Lin?

It's our best pleasure to inviting Huilin for our celebrant. We are very grateful to Huiling for her professional and thoughtful hosting. I was very stressful when I said my vows, Huilin gave me great encouragements and guidance. Thanks again. J Pan 25/7/2022 Google Review 

We are so glad having Hui Lin as our celebrant. She offered us her backyard for our ceremony and we love every moment on our ceremony. She is so kind and helpful. Couldn’t recommend more🙂 we are really grateful for everything she did. THANK YOU!!! L Huang 22/7/2022 Google Review  

很開心這次找到Hui Lin當我們的Celebrant,因為疫情的關係我們選擇先辦一個小小的證婚儀式,Hui Lin也使用雙語讓我們的朋友們都可以融入這次的婚禮,來參與的朋友們都說婚禮辦得很溫馨,我們自己也很喜歡這次的儀式,Hui Lin人很客氣,也都尊重新人們的需求,下次有朋友想辦婚禮的話,我一定會推薦Hui Lin給我的朋友們,因為真的是一次很棒的體驗😊 E Yu 18/7/2022 Google Review 

We had our wedding recently and had Hui Lin as MC for our reception. She was absolutely amazing! My family from oversea was not able to come and we had her there being the translator ( Chinese and English) and MC for the night, and we were so glad that we have found her!!
She was very well presented, and the vibe and energy she brought into the wedding just WOW. We had so many guests came to us that night and complimented how awesome she was at our wedding.
Apart from that, she was very helpful leading up to our wedding, and answered all of our questions promptly and patiently.
If you are looking for a bilingual wedding MC, we would highly recommend Hui Lin. Our wedding would not have been the same without her - C Chai 6/7/2022 Google Review 

Dear Hui-lin, today marks ten days of marriage between Cyndi and I, and we are finally ready to reflect on our Wedding & sit down and write this letter to you. We have already put the “in sickness & in health” clause to the test with a positive Covid result just a few days after our ceremony 😊

Hui-lin, we will always be grateful to you for your love, support and guidance over our journey from deciding to get married, to the long awaited night of June 5th 2022. A three year separation due to covid and more than two year’s postponement to our Wedding – which, whilst difficult – it was made much easier to navigate with you by our side.


  • Professionalism
  • Repeated provision of amended NOIM’s to satisfy the Dept of Home Affairs
  • Your thorough research of our Love Story
  • Your enthusiastic, articulate and heart warming delivery of the pre-amble, the Wedding Ceremony, and then the event conclusion
  • Always the consummate professional – & a beautiful person at the same time

There are no words that can do justice to the “Gratitude” that you are deserving of – but please know that we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us “Husband and Wife” – legally and in the eyes of God. You are so much more than a “Celebrant” or “MC” – you are the whole package.

When we receive our photos from Jasmin & Beau at Whately’s, we will send you a selection as a momento  - and hope you will remember our Wedding with the fondness that we will  always remember you with.

Love and best wishes to you and your beautiful family. Mr & Mrs (David Lattimer & Chui Ping Loi) 5th June 2022 Pagoda Historic Ballroom

We needed to meet three times before the wedding, Hui Lin not only explained all the required documents in detail, but also personalised the wedding process on the day. When we met Hui Lin for the first time, I told my husband that she should be the most intimate wedding witness I chose ❤️ We are very happy and honored to have her as our marriage witness, she uses our Mother tongue - Cantonese is the main language, so that family members and friends in Hong Kong and live broadcasts can fully devote themselves to the ceremony. She will also add small things in our life to the ceremony, making the whole ceremony more "we". When considering choosing a marriage witness for a wedding, I would 100% recommend Hui Lin🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻  C Chow 20/04/2022  Google Review 

謝謝妳惠玲 真的很榮幸能找到妳當我的婚禮師 我爸媽他們都很喜歡妳的服務 還問我哪裡找到那麼好的 .❤️❤️❤️  R Chu 03/05/2022 Google Review 

Friendly and helpful during the whole process for our marriage.
Explaining with much patience and creating the grateful vibe 😊💐🌹Truly recommend 👍🏻 B Chen 26/04/2022 Google Review 

Thank you Huilin. It was so amazing to have Huilin as our celebrant on our wedding ceremony.
everything just went beautifully on our special day. We felt warm, happy, and blessed ❤️ J Thor 07/04/2022 Google Review  

Huiling is very professional and assited us through the wedding registration. We have so many questions and she is very patient to explain all the details to us. Definitly highly recommend Huiling for anyone who is looking for a celebrant. Excellent work and great memory!! K Feng 24/03/2022 Google Review 

很開心有這個機會在西澳遇見Hui-Lin成為我跟我老公的Celebrant! Hui-Lin她做事非常專業細心,且能夠掌握儀式過程的氣氛跟節奏。雖然我們只是辦理簡單的簽字儀式,但Hui-Lin沒有因此辦理的不隆重,反而為了我們設計了一個溫馨可愛的小場地。我們希望等疫情好一點後,能夠在次邀請Hui-Lin為我們主持一場邀請親朋好友到場的婚禮儀式 - C Tseng 08/03/2022 Google Review 

非常感谢慧菱主持我们的婚礼,非常生动,中英文交替运用的特别流畅连贯,得到了宾客的一致好评!之后会推荐给更多需要举办婚礼的朋友 - Y Xu 07/03/2022 Google Review 

Hui Lin is absolutely the star on our wedding!! She’s caring, she’s beautiful and always so kind and warm hearted. We chose her to be our celebrant at the backyard of her house and did a simple wedding ceremony with just two of our friends. However she still put a lot of effort into it. Three years later we choose her as our celebrant for the wedding vow without hesitation, as she’s not only professional but also feels like a close friend who cares about you. The ceremony and reception was perfect. Not in a flawless way but full of laughter, joy and blessing and we can feel the special connection between us and Hui Lin. We’re really lucky to have her on our wedding!! - C Lee 28/02/2022 Google Review 

Huilin is the most beautiful, kind, patient and thoughtful person I have ever met. I was really impressed by her beautiful looks, but I was even more grateful to her for professional attitude that organizing and officiating my marriage registration. Due to COVID, all my friends in Brisbane could not attend my wedding registration in Perth. I was really touched that Huiling's husband was willing to help me solve the problem and being my witnesses. We are waiting for organizing our wedding party, and it is my great happiness to will have such a warm, professional wedding host at my big day. So glad to meet you! – M Xiao, 25/02/2022 Google Review

We had the pleasure of having Hui Lin at both our Chinese and Australian wedding both held on seperate days. At the Australian wedding Hui Lin was our celebrant and made us feel at ease during the whole process, she took time to understand our relationship and it really showed during the ceremony. We also had our Chinese wedding the following week where we also asked Hui Lin to become the MC during the wedding. This was the best decision we ever made! She spoke multiple languages (hokkien, mandarin, cantonese and even bahasa) which was perfect considering alot of our guests were from different backgrounds. She knew how to work the room, entertain the guests and even threw in a few fun quizzes for the bride and groom. Hui Lin is super professional, funny, kind and understanding. We are so glad we had her at both of our weddings and highly highly recommend her to everyone considering a celebrant or MC – C Tanadi, 30/01/2022 Google Review

Hui Lin was by far the most wonderful celebrant and MC we have ever encountered. From the first appointment to the final day, her performance has been outstanding and sublime. She has made us felt 200% at ease and stress-free. Our family absolutely loved her during the ceremony and the reception. My father in law even commended her the day after our wedding (and he is extremely hard to please!). Everything was done to perfection and she has made our day all the more wonderful. I could not recommend any other than her. She welcomed us with open arms and guided us through one of the most stressful events of ours lives and made it such a memorable day – L Truong, 27/01/2022 Google Review

Huilin is just so amazing as a wedding celebrant and we couldn't ask more from her as she has already had everything covered and planned deligently with great details. With the help with Huilin, our wedding was just as perfect as we would want it to be. We wouldn't appreciate enough that we have chosen Huilin as our wedding celebrant. Thank you so much Huilin – L Zhang, 25/01/2022 Google Review

We first met Hui Lin and Ken at my cousin's wedding in 2019. It was a traditional filipino wedding and we were impressed at how Lin executed the ceremony with high energy and full of smiles. Fast forward to 2021, we approached Lin and asked what we needed to get married. She gave us a range of options which helped us create our wedding day. She was very patient when explaining what is needed and very attentive to the details of our request. We only had 2 in-person meetings but if there were queries, Lin was very fast at responding whether it was through text or email. We were very taken care of. We also commend her intelligence! We had ideas but couldn't come up with a flow in the ceremony and she elaborated on it and created a beautiful plan. Given our short interactions, she managed to put together the little information that we give her to an amazing story for our wedding day. We highly recommend Lin for her patience, high energy and her intelligence! – K Manlapaz, 17/01/2022 Google Review

非常棒的体验,虽然我们的仪式很简单,但是被布置的非常精致,能感觉到Lin很用心的布置哦,非常赞! – S Super, 18/12/2021 Google Review

Hi Lin! Thank you so much! You made my day memorable <3 Lin is an excellent and dedicated celebrant. She is approachable, patient and open minded. Also I am quiet impress on how clearly she went through the steps and required document to kick start the process.Also due to the current pandemic, my family were unable to attend in person. I am impressed and really appreciate how Lin able to adapt the proceeding and made it feel as if my family were with me. I am willing to recommend Lin in a heartbeat and vouch for her top service! – E Dwijayati 12/12/2021 Google Review

超级厉害的主持人,人超级nice – P Chi 20/11/2021 Google Review

First of all, thank you so much for your amazing work and i am so glad that i met you Lin. Lin is literally the best MC that i have met in Perth. Before our wedding, we had 2 meetings with her where she patiently explains and went through every details of our ceremony and dinner party. She also asked us to answer a questionnaire to get to know our love story and us. As majority of our guests are mandarin speakers, we only asked Lin to host our event in Mandarin. But she is so sweet to incorporate some english in the important bits to allow everyone to understand. She also made our whole dinner party extremely fun and got almost every guests involve in the games she incorporated for us. I had so much good feedbacks about Lin from my family and friends about how good and amazing she is as our wedding MC. I cannot stop recommending her to everyone that i know who wants to get married now. Please contact her if you want your event to be amazing – L Nita 20/11/2021 Google Review

My friend introduced Hui Lin for me as our celebrant... Before meeting her, we really have no idea on the procedure for getting married in Australia… we are so blessed to meet her and have her to be our celebrant, with her professional and patient, my wife and me can step on the next stage of our life smoothly.. Really appreciate that our small wedding event can be so remarkable with her amazing help. Seriously no regret on appointing her as our wedding celebrant. Thank you Hui Lin, we are so glad that you were our celebrant on our special day!! – TW Goh 17/11/2021 Google Review

We have the honour of having Hui Lin for our marriage celebrant. Your professionalism and calming influence both in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself , were very much appreciated. We knew we were in good hand when we first met you. A million thanks to you Highly recommend Hui Lin if you want a professional celebrant – C HO 27/10/2021 Google Review

We had an amazing experience with Lin. Lin ran our wedding ceremony as well as tea ceremony, and all the guests were extremely impressed with her personality, knowledge and ability to speak multiple languages. Lin was accommodating and brought laughter and light to the day. I highly recommend Lin as a celebrant, and even had guests request her details for their own wedding. Thank you for a memorable day Lin – Anthony 19/10/2021 Google Review 

Ms Hui Lin is providing a very professional,friendly and effective service as a marriage celebrant . I strongly recommended to anyone who is planning to get married – CK Chang 4/10/2021 Google Review

Lin is always such a joy to work with she made our wedding planning so easy. Communication was constant and she guided us in every step of the way. She is one of the most friendliest and happiest celebrants I know and I work with quite a few in our industry – D Abeleda 03/10/2021 Google Review

Hui-Lin is amazing. We couldn't be happier by having Hui-Lin as our celebrant for our small home wedding ceremony. She is multilingual, and professional. Very thoughtful throughout the whole ceremony and even discuss with our photographer as to how the event progresses which will best suit the photographer to capture all the very best moments. Thanks again Hui-Lin – AY Wong 12/09/2021 Google Review

We were absolutely thrilled with our wedding ceremony and reception. Thank you so much to Hui Lin for making it a special and memorable wedding for us. Our ceremony was exactly tailored to us, we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Hui Lin created the atmosphere we wanted and shared our story beautifully. She really went above and beyond. Our guests make comments on how fantastic Hui Lin’s delivery of the ceremony was with many saying it was the best ceremony they had been to. One of the best decisions we made was having Hui Lin as our celebrant and emcee to oversee the most important part of the day. We loved Hui Lin from the moment we met her, thank you for making our wedding amazing – Eve 28/08/2021 Google Review

It was so amazing to have Huilin as our celebrant on our small wedding ceremony on 26th June. We didn’t really plan a lot, but with Huilin’s help, everything just went beautifully on our special day. We felt warm, happy, and blessed throughout the ceremony. She delivered the ceremony in a professional way and her kindness, warmness, and humour just made everyone love her. She’s also a psychologist and a famous emcee who hosted various events in Perth. All of these made her the best wedding celebrant to anyone. We can honestly recommend her highly enough!! – M Zhuo, 29/06/2021 Google Review

Dearest Hui-Lin, Thank you so much for being our celebrant and MC on our wedding day. It has been a great pleasure to meet you and know you. We were so happy to have such an important moment in our lives guided by someone so kind and cheerful. Your warmth, professionalism and communication made everything so easy. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process. We felt so at home like we have known you for a long time. We had so many comments from our family and friends on how much they enjoyed the wedding ceremony and reception. Your words and delivery were perfect. We hope you enjoyed the night too. Thank you again! Best wishes, Sabrina & Edward – S Loi 27/06/2021 Google Review

Hui Lin is an amazing celebrant and she will go above and beyond to make your special day unforgettable. Her smile is warm like the sunshine in winter. She is beautiful, talented, kind, and a patient person and will surely make the wedding memorable – B Yang 15/06/2021 Google Review

Lin and husbands service that they conducted on my big day was above and beyond very sweet and professional at the same time i couldnt have wished for a better service they offered from the meeting of lin to the end of processing paperwork immediate response – A Gow 14/06/2021 Google Review

We could not have asked for a better marriage celebrant. When looking to do our registration of marriage, we had no idea where to start. During our initial meeting with Lin, she was very detailed with everything we needed to know which made it that much easier to plan the rest of our wedding. Thanks to Lin's great work and wonderful personality, our big day was nothing short of perfect! – S Silvaraju 04/03/2021 Google Review

We just had our wedding last Sunday, and we highly recommend Ms Lin to officiate your wedding too. ☺️ She’s very professional, easy to deal with, you won’t get intimidated and would feel at ease and comfortable with her. She’d make sure that you both understand the whole wedding process on your first day, will guide you in every step of the way and will make you feel very excited for the big day! ❤️ I’m very glad the we have found her to officiate our wedding! – V Abellera 23/02/2021 Google Review

We are so blessed to have had Hui-Lin marry us. She was professional, thoughtful, attentive and cheerful, which made our special day and ceremony relaxing and memorable. Thank you Hui-Lin for your services – V Hong 03/12/2020 Google Review

A very professional, helpful, and elegant lady with very nice personality! We were so lucky and blessed to have Huilin as our wedding celebrant. You made our big day so special and memorable. Our wedding wouldn't be so good without your assistance. Can't thank you enough – Y Jia 30/11/2020 Google Review 

If you're looking for a celebrant who is multilingual, easy to deal with, very detailed and patient - you've found the right person. Hui Lin explained everything we needed to know for us to legalize our marriage and also what we wanted on our big day. She was very happy to accommodate all of our requests and patient with our never ending questions. On the big day, she was early and everything went exactly as planned. Thank you so much Hui Lin! – J Yeo 24/11/2020 Google Review

Hui Lin made our wedding day a success!!! I highly recommend her as she went above and beyond our expectations. From the start, she listened to what we wanted and provided us with options to suit our needs. She was passionate about making our day a memorable one, and took her time to walk us through the process of getting married. On our big day, her positive energy and organization made our ceremony run so smoothly from start to finish. 10/10!!! Thank you so so much Hui Lin!!!! – A Hall 24/11/2020 Google Review

Hui-Lin did such a wonderful job at our wedding two weeks ago! The pre-wedding consultations were relaxed and very informative. She took great care in getting to know us to make our wedding day the most memorable day of our lives. The bilingual aspect also made all our guests feel welcomed and involved. Many have praised on how she conducted our wedding ceremony and as an emcee of the reception. She certainly knows how to stir up the crowd! My parents were especially happy on how she handled the sudden request for parent speech translations. As we are now Mr and Mrs, we would like to sincerely thank Hui-Lin for her professionalism as our celebrant and reception emcee, and would recommend her to all couples waiting to embark on their next chapter of life – S Huang 15/10/2020 Google Review

Huilin is such a warm and passionate person. Me and my husband were so touched and impressed by her passion while she delivered the vows she customized for us. We couldn’t be happier and more grateful to include her as our celebrant on our wedding day – A Ding 12/10/2020 Google Review

I was looking for a seasoned celebrant who could conduct my wedding in English and well as Chinese, and found Lin to be one of the few in Perth who could do this. On first meeting Lin, we felt she had this very kind, warm, friendly professional vibe and we connected straight away. We felt comfortable and confident that she was going to be the celebrant for us! Lin dedicated her time to help us with a practice run through of the ceremony and encouraged me to stay as calm as possible (since i was pretty frazzled a few weeks prior to the big day). On the actual day of the wedding 7.3.20, She we were astounded! Lin is bright, very well spoken, has a hilarious sense of humour and just knows how to handle a crowd. She did an excellent job setting the scene of our love story and delivered our ceremony perfectly in both languages. Our guests really enjoyed her jokes and we had some friends comment how good and funny she was! She truely went above and beyond. We also had our ceremony music done by her assistant which was brilliant. I’m so happy we chose Lin as our celebrant! (Thank you for helping us making our special day extra wonderful Lin!😄) i would definitely recommend Lin in a heartbeat! 💖 – 09/04/2020 S Gan Google Review

If you are after a celebrant who is kind, loving, professional, attentive, witty, well-prepared, multilingual, & will not disappoint, you have come to the right page. Hui-Lin Tan has made our simple, intimate ceremony so beautiful & memorable, we could not have asked for more. Everyone of our family & friends loved Hui-Lin as much as we did, and were all praises for her services. If you want as headache-free a wedding as ours was, rest assured you can find that in Hui-Lin to officiate/MC your wedding. AND even more so, if you are as lazy as I am, Hui-Lin & Ken will also be able to organize your music for you. 😉 Thank you so much Hui-Lin & Ken for making our day so special 🙏🏼 We wish you all the happiness & good health in the world for longevity of your lives & business that you love! ❤ - N Galton & J Chin 19/03/2020 Google Review

Thank you Hui-Lin for being so lovely to deal with as well as taking the time to get to know Fred and I before our big day. You ensured everything ran smoothly for us throughout the process and we can’t thank you enough. We received many compliments about your professionalism and the bilingual manner in which the ceremony was run. You did amazing! Would highly recommend!! Thank you xx F & H 17/03/2020 Google Review

We would like to thank Hui-Lin for being the perfect emcee for our wedding reception. She was such a warm and friendly person from the first meeting that we felt more like her friend immediately. She was always prompt with any queries we had, took the time to get to know us and offered a lot of tips and advice for our wedding. On the night, she made the guest laugh, was very professional and entertaining and ensured that the night’s event flowed smoothly. Our guests and even our DJ praised how great Hui-Lin was. She emceed in both Mandarin and English fluently for the wedding. It was an absolute honour to have Hui-Lin be our emcee and we would recommend her highly to our friends and family. Lily 24/12/2020 Google Review 

Thank you so much for being our celebrant and MC. Because of you, our big day went really smoothly. And all the guests were super impressed by how fun you had made the reception, and people just loved you! So many guests asked how we found you and want to have you host their events! – G Smith 03/09/2019 Google Review

Penny and me came from Hong Kong ! We had an unforgettable wedding ceremony because we had Hui Lin to be our wedding celebrant and emcee😘😍she has good experience and very professional of it👍🏼she always do her best 👍🏼👍🏼she good in English, Chinese and Cantonese! if you still looking for wedding celebrant? Don’t be hesitation just find Hui Lin you will be have a great and unforgettable wedding – T Tam 25/07/2019 Google Review

器宇非凡,优雅大方,热心豪爽,尽责敬业,细心传递澳洲婚姻法律,大力配合个人惊喜安排,量身定做婚礼仪式流程,澳洲婚姻多语漂亮主持人 - 慧菱(Perth Marriage and Life Celebrant). 慧菱还是一个很好的婚姻心理补导师,能分析两个人的性格,让你和另一半能以一个更适合彼此的相处方式去恩爱一辈子– S WONG 27/05/2019 Facebook Review

My wife and I are truly blessed to have Hui-Lin to be our celebrant and emcee for our wedding ceremony and reception. We wanted someone who could speak fluent English and Chinese Mandarin, and she was absolutely the best and perfect person for the role. Besides that, she was also a really good entertainer who knew how to say all the right words to keep the atmosphere so lively. All of our guests have really enjoyed our wedding, and I believe that was primarily because of Hui-Lin's lively and confident character who has made everyone felt so comfortable. Hui-Lin is super organised. She will make sure everything is well prepared before the wedding day to ensure all will run as smooth as possible. I highly recommend her service – A Voon 13/05/2019 Google Review

SO GREAT! Would definitely highly recommend Hui-Lin to anyone who is looking to engage a wedding celebrant in Perth!! My husband and I were looking for a bilingual celebrant and I must say that we’re so so thankful we managed to find Hui-Lin as she’s so fluent in both English and Mandarin. Our guests all loved her and commented that she’s so engaging. Apart from that, she’s always so responsive and organized in ensuring that we’re on track with getting all moving parts right before the wedding. It was so fuss free for us knowing that she’s there helping us through. Even at times when she was unavailable to reply promptly, she would inform us of this prior so we were assured she would reply to our questions once she can. She really goes the extra mile, to see where she could help and was willing to arrange for a meet up before the wedding to make sure we’re good and prepared. Her husband, Ken is also so helpful and sharing their experience and tips on what worked/could be improved from previous weddings. Every little help was useful for us pre-wedding and they were amazing! Loved working with them – M Tan 08/05/2019 Google Review

Huilin not only just a celebrant for us, but more like a big sister. She’s so caring and loving. Thanks her talented multilingual skills to make our ceremony ran so perfectly. We were so grateful to have Huilin in our ceremony. Can’t thank her enough – J Zhou 27/03/2019 Google Review

I highly recommend hui Lin as she done an amazing job on everything and really gives everything to make sure you have a lovely day and also makes you feel comfortable and can accommodate to any request you might have – R Watret 06/03/2019 Facebook Review

 在六月的時候,我和我先生結婚了。但是最感謝的是Hui Lin 。我們是在Facebook 上面找到她的。當初還有點擔心,因為我和老公都是華人,怕會找到不太會中文的人。但是Hui Lin 真的很令我們surprise ,在見面後,我們很強烈感受到她是一位很professional 的人,她會中文,英文,普通話,她有在很努力地學語言。而且所有的流程她都會和我們溝通好以便幫助我們的婚禮。Hui Lin 是一位親和力很高的人,令我和先生都很想跟她做朋友,她會關心我們的關係,給了我們很多在婚禮上的有趣建議。我愛死Hui Lin 了,哈哈😆 真的很感謝,也很感激Hui Lin 的幫忙,幸好找到了她,讓我們的婚禮可以開心,順利進行!- D Ip 18/02/2019 Google Review

Thank you for giving us an unforgetable day! We realy appreciate your excellent service! – K Huang 19/11/2018 Google Review

We'd like to thank to Hui-Lin and her husband Ken for their very supportive and professional service! She is a very reliable person,we have no regrets for choosing her as our celebrant even tho we both are not Chinese speakers. She pays attention to the details and gives you great advices so our wedding turned out great with her huge help – Ciara 24/10/2018 Google Review

No fuss and super friendly celebrant !! We truly appreciate Hui Lin and her hubby for making our special day extremely memorable ❤❤❤ keep up the great work ❤❤❤ - Nia 23/10/2018 Google Review

You are the best!Thanks a lot Huiling. ❤️ Y Sun 07/09/2018 Google Review

Hui-Lin is an amazing friend, emcee, and celebrant! My husband and I were clueless in our banquet line-up and she provided tips, clues, and advice while being quick on her feet to improvise and brain-storm on the spot. We appreciate her so much! My guests had nothing but wonderful things to say about Hui-Lin, and many commented that she was one of the best wedding emcees that they have experienced. She was the highlight of the night! – C Chong 21/08/2018 Google Review 

作為你的客戶,你是這麼多年來我認識的civil marriage celebrants當中工作態度最好、最積極的一位,你總是會好心地提前提醒我們要帶什麼資料,總是會在百忙之中主動抽出時間與我們聯繫、為我們服務、耐心地回答我們的問題。作為你的朋友,我和另一半真的很幸運可以將婚禮交給你,從一開始準備材料、提交材料、簽字、到最後婚禮的操辦和主持,你都不曾懈怠,每一個環節都竭盡職業素養去做到最好,你的專業敬業、你的周全、你的熱情、你的責任心令我與另一半更安心、更開心!
我與我的另一半再一次感謝你!🌹🌹🌹🥂❤️❤️❤️ - T Jaeger 01/08/2018 Google Review

My friends introduced we to appoint Hui Lin to be our celebrant, she helps us to all we needed to for our marriage ceremony. My husband is a very nervous person, but Hui Lin tries to understand his mind, and improve him to talk more, she also says some joke to reduce his nervous. I also can tell, she is a very responsesible and quick-witted person when doing her job, when the little accident happened in our ceremony, she can transfer the focus of the mistake. Thank you for everything you did on our ceremony! You are a awesome celebrant!! – D Lee 30/07/2018 Google Review

Thanks Hui Lin for being our wedding celebrant and also reception emcee !! She understands the important balance between communicating the formalities and injecting some fun. Too much of either makes for a cringe-worthy wedding experience for everyone. All well-planned and went so well for our big day. Many of my guests told me that our wedding is the best they’ve ever been to. I’m pleased to say the planning and preparation paid off!! I believe without Hui Lin my plan would not be perfect!! - so all in all, a success! Thank you so so so much Hui Lin!! And also thanks to your big assistant Ken too!! – J Lau 22/07/2018 Google Review

Thank you Hui Lin for the wonderful job you did on 16th June! It was a perfect day! Definitely I will recommend to my friend! – A Gan 07/07/2018 Facebook Review

We would like to sincerely thank Hui Lin and Ken for their fantastic, professional services for our Wedding. Their attention to detail, thoughtfulness and the ability to deliver what was planned from the initial meeting was truly impressive. Hui Lin asked all the right questions and anticipated things we did not think of, showing her experience/expertise in this field. The communication throughout the entire event was second to none - she was responsive, sincere and made us feel confident about the Wedding. Her translation service was also spot on, I would definitely recommend Hui Lin's services because in my humble opinion not everyone could have translated our vows as accurate and heartfelt as she did. Once again we would like to thank Hui-Lin and Ken for their services. - L & Vivian 05/06/2018 Facebook Review

Thanks for made our big day perfect – M Chen 27/05/2018 Facebook Review

Hui Lin did an amazing job hosting our tea ceremony and reception! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better!! Lin made our wedding celebrations even more memorable!! Thank you! – L Cheong-Smith 19/03/2018 Facebook Review

Hui Lin did such an amazing job in hosting our wedding ceremony last Saturday. I would definitely recommend her to be your wedding celebrant – A Tong 07/03/2018 Facebook Review

Casey and I both had an unforgettable wedding ceremony with Hui Lin being our celebrant. Honestly, we are so glad that we appointed Hui Lin to be our celebrant, to help us handle all that needed to be done for our marriage registration. On our first meeting with her, I could feel that she is a very organise, reliable and responsible person where I could just leave it all to her while I focus on my other wedding preparations. Hui Lin is a also a very understanding person where she tries her best to make your wedding ceremony just like what your dream wedding is!! Thank you Hui Lin! We are soo glad that you were our celebrant on our special day! <3 – Yean 19/02/2018 Google Review

I knew Hui Lin in a university video production shoot, since then, we have been corporating for a few times. The most important thing I realised on her is that she really got that unique talent to host every event very nicely and smoothly; interviews, live music show and now it could be your wedding! If you are considering Hui Lin as your wedding host…stop wasting time, contact her now  - C Lai 06/05/2017 Facebook Review

Hui-Ling did a great job hosting our wedding on Friday. She made us laugh, put together games and made the wedding reception more than what it already was. Our guests even were stated that the MC did an extremely good job. Thank you for making our celebration of our union a wonderful and beautiful experience – H Chen 09/04/2019 Facebook Review