How to get married legally? 如何在澳大利亚结婚领证?



In the modern era, there is an increasing number of people choosing to get married in Australia. What sets Australia apart from many other countries is that couples who wish to get married in Australia can hold their legal registration of marriage at the same time as their wedding ceremony. Moreover, rather than getting registered at the Office of the Birth, Death & Marriage Registry in each State, the couple can engage an official Civil Marriage Celebrant to conduct their ceremony anywhere in Australia.


相对来说,婚姻公证官通俗来说是一位证婚人。除了肩负着新人的终身大事,所有婚姻公证官也需要遵守澳大利亚婚姻法1961 提供以下服务:


  • 替新人填写一份结婚意向书NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) 以及其他相关的法律文件和证书
  • 协助新人策划理想西式婚礼模式和流程
  • 主持新人当天的婚礼仪式并且颁发结婚证书
  • 在完婚后代表新人将所有的婚姻文件递交给当地婚姻注册处 (BDM)


By comparison, a Civil Marriage Celebrant is usually referred to as an official witness to the marriage. In additional to being tasked with one of the couple's most significant life moment, every celebrant also needs to provide the following services according to the Marriage Act 1961.


  • Assist the couple to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage and all relevant legal documents (birth certificates, passport etc)
  • Helping the couple to plan the script of the Western-style wedding ceremony of their choice and their preferred runsheet
  • Officiate the wedding ceremony on the wedding day, and present the commemorative certificate of marriage
  • Sending all the legal paperwork to the office of Births, Death and Marriage of the state where the couple was married.



According to the latest Australian law, same sex marriage is now legalised







·      双方年龄超过18岁 (或有法庭批准文件)

·      双方都是单身

·      双方没有血缘或领养关系

·      双方自愿结成夫妻


Who can marry legally in Australia?

·      Be at least 18 years old (unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between 16 and 18 years old)

·      Not be married to someone else or in single status

·      Not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister

·      understand what marriage means and freely consent to marrying