What I Offer?

Being a Civil Marriage Celebrant and a MC is both a pleasure and a privilege. The most wonderful part is for me to be able to offer you more freedom to craft a beautiful, special and highly personalised ceremony of your choice instead of adopting a traditional or religious wedding style.

The following are some of the significant wedding celebrations I can assist you with: 

Registration of Marriage (ROM)/Civil Wedding Ceremony 

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant, it is my duty and privilege to walk you through the process of getting married in Australia. You have many options to either complete a standard signing ceremony at my home or customise it according to the way you want at any location of your choice. The pleasure is certainly with me!

Renewal of Vows/Wedding Anniversary 

Did you have to complete your legal registration of marriage in hurry or a haste?Have you been married with to loved one for a while that you would like to renew your vows during your milestone wedding ceremony? Let me be a part of your special life moment and I promise to make this an unforgettable memory for the years to come! 

Chinese Tea Ceremony
I am a qualified bridal chaperone and I have everything you need to fulfil the traditional Chinese customs. This could go far back from the traditional dowry (pre-wedding) custom, Gods & ancestor rituals, tea ceremony to post-wedding customs.
Some of the Chinese rituals may include but not limited to the following:
  • Groom’s God Ritual 拜神仪式
  • Bride’s Pick Up 接新娘
  • Bride and groom’s acknowledgement ritual 交拜仪式
  • Bride’s Tea Ceremony 女方敬茶仪式
  • Return to Groom House 回新郎家
  • Groom’s Tea Ceremony 男方敬茶仪式

Wedding Reception

 A wedding celebration does not usually stop at marriage paper signing. It could continue with a wedding reception, party or other forms of celebration. I am more than happy to play a role as an emcee if you ever need someone to spice up the day or night for you and your guests!