Video Highlights

Here are a sample of the videos from the weddings and receptions for all the lovely couples that I have officiated in Perth and overseas. 

Wedding Highlights - Jennifer & Sean @ Caversham House

Wedding of Princess Jennifer and her knight with the golden voice, Sean. May their love for each other be abundance forever, and their life together be a joyous one. 

Lady in Red @ Perth Town Hall

We often see brides walk down the aisle their traditional white gowns, but not her. She absolutely caught everyone’s eyes with her bright auspicious red dress! Just simply beautiful, absolutely stunning and incredibly gorgeous! In a nutshell, reading their love stories put a big smile on my face & I could just imagine how this was gonna pan out on their special day. Amidst the laughters and cheers echoing inside the historical Perth Town Hall, it was truly one of the most wonderful ceremonies I have officiated!

Beautiful Filipino Wedding Rituals

Such a fond memory of officiating my first Filipino wedding. The rituals of candle, veil, cord and coin blessing as part of the grand celebration are beautiful, meaningful and definitely a culture we can all embrace! Congratulations MJ & JR!

Highlights - Destination Wedding @ Sittella Winery, Swan Valley 

When the winter sun bears fortune to these two beautiful souls from Hong Kong at their Destination Wedding in Perth, it’s a sure sign of great things ahead for T & P!

Destination Wedding - Margaret River Winery

Really enjoyed officiating this lovely couple’s Destination Wedding at our gorgeous Watershed Wines in the Margaret River Wine region in Perth. Such a picturesque background for a wonderful memory to Y & I!

Wedding Highlights - Shine brightly Ever after @ Barrett Lane

The touching vows from this two soulmates makes this love SHINE EVEn more brightly 💕 Love does conquer all life’s obstacles. It rules the world! .

Wedding Highlights - Ada & Andrew @ The Point

A lovely and beautiful setting at The Point is where Ada & Andrew said “I Do” to each other in front of their families & friends. Everyone was mesmerised by their romantic love story and wonderful wedding video, with their family bonding clearly evident throughout the reception that followed. Ada & Andrew, it was a pleasure and privilege to be part of your special day, and to see how much your familes mean to you both! Wishing you both a happily ever after from this day forward!

Highlights - Funky Wedding Reception of Jennifer & Sean

Wedding Reception of Princess Jennifer Lau and her knight with the golden voice, Sean. It was a wedding reception with lots of wonderful surprises, games, prizes, challenges, and more importantly, the serenading of the bride by the charming groom dedicating a love song to his love. May their love for each other be abundance forever, and their life together be a joyous one. .

Wedding Highlights - Mr & Mrs Marini with the cutest ringbearer

A fantastic and beautiful matrimony for Mr and Mrs Marini, and the cutest ringbearer whom I have seen ensured they did not have any hesistation to say ‘I Do’! I absolutely love the supports and applauses from their family members and friends! What a perfect example of how love spans across culture and countries!

Destination Wedding - 'I Do' over the Sunset Coast

Isn’t it just magnificent that we have such a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding right here in our very own doorstep? Thoroughly enjoyed officiating this wedding at our sunset coast for L & F’s Destination Wedding!

Wedding Highlights - Jade & Rajat @ Pt Heathcove Reserve

Jade & Rajat are a lovely & charming couple who first sow their seed of love back in 2012, when they first laid eyes on each other working at Perth International Airport. Fast forward to 2019 and they utter ‘I Do’ in front of their families and friends with love and humour to kick start their next life chapter together. Congratulations Jade & Rajat!

Destination Wedding @ Matilda Bay

The beautiful vows by this equally beautiful couple from Singapore marks a good solid foundation to start their happily ever after.. especially when the groom promises to make their bed forever & ever, while the bride lets him wear his wardrobe of singlets on ALL occasions!
Another Destination Wedding at our lovely Matilda Bay captures with the Love Capsule sealed for the next decade to come too.
Congratulations J & M!

Wedding Highlights - Harold Boas Gardens

Celebrating cross-culture marriage with an abundance of love, C & Y made a lifelong commitment to each other in front of their families and friends, showing again that love can span long distance and culture. 💖 

Wedding Highlights - Destination Wedding @ Tropical Groves UWA

So much to love about this couple. Siongxie and Bingru returned to the beautiful Tropical Grove of UWA where they first met to tie their knot. Their many sacrifices to each other is a key ingredient of their recipe for a happily ever after. 

Wedding Highlights - Young Love conquers all!

Such a lovely intimate WA wedding followed by high tea at an idyllic Swan River in Maylands. It's never too young to fall in love, and when you found the one, you want the rest of the life to start ASAP. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tsao for finding each other at such an early age! May your happiness continues to grow stronger as you grow older!

Wedding Highlights - Beautiful smile @ Sittella Winery - Swan Valley

The smile on the bride’s face says it all... When a wedding vow and promises touches the heartstring of those present at a wedding, the heartwarming vibes are so wonderful to share. The genuine love is so evident in Mr & Mrs Tan 💑 Wishing them a lifelong of happiness!

Wedding Highlights - Man & Donna at Kings Park, Perth

A nice sunny winter wedding for lucky Man & Donna with a gorgeous Perth skyline as the backdrop! Perfect start to your matrimony, Congratulation!

 Wedding Highlights @ Vines Resort, Perth

Marrying your soul mate can brighten up even a wintery rainy day in WA. C & S were such a beautifully committed pair, and all presence can barely contain their joys to this couple!  

 Wedding Highlights - Chris & May @ Swan Valley

When one of your good friends decided to play Cupid, it was a good heads start to a beautiful relationship for Chris & May.
One of the sweetest couples whom I have officiated in Perth, with one of the biggest bridal party and guests, may they have a gorgeous marriage ever after!

Wedding Highlights - John & Jessi @ Secret Gardens - South Perth

A special air of love that an intimate setting at a beautiful secret garden #marriage brings.. 💕 John and Jessi complements each other beautifully, with Jessi’s organised & pragmatic character balancing with John’s carefree nature & witty humour. Sharing a mutual love for TV shows and movies, this two souls now bonds together forever and forever. Congratulations J & J!

Wedding Highlights - Intimate Private Kitchen for J & S

A very lovely setting for a gorgeous couple to hold an intimate wedding ceremony followed by a decadent wedding feast. Thank you J & S for the generous offer to join you for the dinner celebration too. A big congratulation and many many happy returns!

Wedding Highlights - Mr & Mrs Smith

Highlights of a lovely East Meets West Chinese Wedding in Perth. Congratulation to Linda & Alex 澳洲婚姻公證官 I 大妗姐

Wedding Highlights - Intimate matrimony ceremony

Such a lovely and intimate matrimony ceremony between two lovely people, with such touching outpouring of emotions consolidating their affections for each other.
Wishing them both a blissful marriage for many many more decades to come!

Secret to a rocking Wedding Reception 

The ingredients to an amazing wedding reception? Add a dash of Love, drizzled with an abundance of joy and topped up with a funky and fun loving families and friends, and you get a beautiful serve of this at J&S’ gorgeous reception!

Wedding Highlights - Jane & Gavin @ South Perth

A tip for a successful courtship : If you find The One, don’t give up! Persistence paid off for Gavin as he rose to the romantic challenge of winning Jane’s heart 💓. The act of kindness that was evident during the courtship won over the hearts of Jane’s families & friends, and more importantly, the beautiful Jane. Congrats Jane & Gavin!

Wedding Highlights - Cindy & Nelson @ Matilda Bay 

A gorgeous & sweet wedding on a super windy, yet beautiful & sunny wedding venue in WA. Officiating the lovely marriage of Cindy & Nelson, and sharing their love story, is such a pleasure! My impression of Cindy is an ever cheerful, optismistic and bubbly lady who sees the bests in everything and everyone. It must be this very charm of her that brought the light out of Nelson. We are counting on Nelson to keep his promise made on the day to say "I Love You" at least twice a day to his beautiful wife! May their wedding be the start of a beautiful life together! Congratulations for Cindy & Nelson!


Wedding Highlights - Fairy Tale Wedding @ Caversham House 

Officiating a beautiful wedding of princess Jenny & JJ at their fairy tale wedding at Caversham House - Swan Valley

Wedding Highlights - M&M @ Victoria Gardens - East Perth

A beautiful wedding of Milla & Marco with the glorious Perth in the background. Accompanied by a pair of their beautiful dogs as the special bridal party, aptly named M&M, may the marriage of M&M be always as sweet as the chocolate! Congratulations M&M!!

Wedding Highlights - Romance at The Vines

Double dose of Celebrant and Emcee happiness for the lovely matrimony of Mr & Mrs Wu. The first groom who kneed during ring exchange, what a sweet romantic gent!

Wedding Highlights - Lester & Vivian's romantic tale - Adachi Park @ Ascots

A lovely wedding ceremony for the beautiful couple, Lester & Vivian, on an equally beautifully Saturday at Adachi Park.

Wedding Highlights - WA Winter Sunset Wedding - Brookleigh Estate

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Gorgeous Mr & Mrs Lin! A beautiful winter sunset wedding @ Brookleigh Estate Congratulations!

Wedding Highlights - Angela & Bing's Garden Ceremony

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Gorgeous Mr & Mrs Wu! A nice & sweet perfect sunny winter day for a lovely garden wedding surrounded by the closest family & friends. Congratulations!

Wedding Highlights - Karen & Kevin @ The Vines - Swan Valley

The sweet tale of a marathon courtship that started at a badminton court and culminated in a summer romantic & loving matrimony ceremony at The Vines Resort in Dec 2017.. Happily Ever After to my dear friends Karen & Kevin!!!

Wedding Highlights - Keith and Elaine

"Interdependence"- the secret recipe to the blossoming of love between Mr and Mrs Lam! Long distance is no hurdle to this lovely couple who have braved the distance between Australia and Malaysia over the years to sow the seeds of love, which culminated in their beautiful matrimony at Caversham House. It was a priviledge to be their celebrant and I wish them a many happy times together.

Wedding Highlights - Gorgeous Couple @ Garden Wedding

Any venue can be the setting for a beautiful wedding, such as the intimate setting at our garden! Congrats to Mr & Mrs Chou, such a beautiful couple !

Wedding Highlights - Simple yet Meaningful

"Love is simple, Love does not discriminate" A simple yet beautiful matrimony between Mr & Mrs Broadbent speaks volume that love can span across different cultures. It was a pleasure to be their celebrant and to conduct the ceremony in both English and Mandarin, making it more meaningful to all. I wish them many happy times together.

Wedding Highlights - Beautiful Perth's Skyline @ Kings Park

A spectacular Perth skyline is a perfect background for Mr & Mrs Cai’s Wedding at Kings Park.